On and off duty

Our solution of taking and end of service (or mobile clock) is at the service of the companies or communities having collaborators on mission outside.
Place NFC tags or create virtual zones (virtual pointers) at your customers and receive reports and alerts in real time.

Manage your business remotely

Directly from our web interface, follow in real time:

This information allows you a maximum reactivity: replacement when possible, level and quality of service maintained towards the customer.

Receive real-time alerts

You can set up alerts from our web interface in cases where:

Automatic reports

With a few clicks, set up taking and ends of service reports (daily, weekly or monthly) that will be sent to the email addresses of your choice (managers or clients).

Promote your benefits to your clients.

Your customers are demanding and demand transparency?
Present your reports that reflect the effectiveness of your staff in the field.

Our mobile solution is applicable to many fields: security or maintenance missions, computer service companies, personal services, home help, cleaning companies, transport, security, technical interventions, etc....