Our PC-Monitoring solution allows you to remotely and in real time ensure the safety of your teams detached in the field and equipped with our PTI-DATI solution.

And you already have staff on site at all times?
Entrust them with the safety of your isolated workers thanks to our remote monitoring software running under Windows.

 Real-time alarm reporting from NeoSafe servers.
 Indication that the connection to NeoSafe servers and services is maintained.
 Audible and visual alert on arrival of an alarm
 History on the local alarm station
 Simple and intuitive interface
 Languages: French and English
 Visualization of the geographical position on a map or factory plan

Remount Alarm

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Popup window that passes all open windows to signal the alarm.
A siren sound is played in parallel.

Displaying alarm location

A double click on the alarm causes the location to be displayed in the
web browser.

In the case of Indoor geolocation, the alarm is displayed directly on the factory map (here the red beacon).

Displaying alarm-related safety instructions

The display of the safety instructions allows to have instantly in front of the eyes, the essential data in order to proceed to the removal of doubt:
 Name and phone number of the alarm trigger.
 Names and telephone numbers of people to contact in case of doubt.

All you need is an Internet connection to remotely monitor as many accounts and PTI-DATI as you wish.

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