What is push-to-talk?

The " Push-to-Talk " or PTT literally means "press to talk". It is a mode of communication that allows a caller to speak to a group by pressing a key - they must hold it down while they speak as on a PMR radio for example. PTT applications allow a walkie-talkie network to be recreated on smartphones using operator networks or Wi-Fi.

neotalk: communicate easily with your teams

NeoTalk is a professional application to facilitate exchanges with your field teams, create groups and communicate simultaneously.

Neotalk allows you to make group calls in "conference mode" and in FULL DUPLEX for a better group communication experience. A single press is required to activate or deactivate the microphone without the need to hold it (Free Hands Talk) and No Dialing making it easier to use.

Designed with business for a better customer experience

We design our solutions based on the needs of our customers, and it is in this approach that we develop our applications. NeoTalk is a professional "walkie-talkie" application that offers a new way of approaching group communications within the company. It can be used in different sectors of activity such as Industry, Construction, Security, Health...


You carry out professional and confidential communications, which is why we have chosen the default security:

  • Our servers are hosted in France
  • Our infrastructure is in High Availability with a "full redundant" and multicentric virtual system (2 parallelized sites).
  • Stored data is encrypted and maintained for 90 days.

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    Replacement of the PMR (Walkie-Talkie). Now your collaborators only need one device.


    Group communication by a simple push on a button


    Web administration interface for the settings.

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