What is a Lone Worker Protection System?

A device for assisting the Lone Worker is designed to transmit an alert (voluntary or automatic) to a person or structure empowered to trigger the emergency services. they triggers when the worker is faced with a risky situation: accident, fall, discomfort or aggression.

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Our Lone Worker solution works across 4 families of alerts

alert fall

Detection of fall by algorithm
The more ergonomic system on market the and least intrusive on the person, based on acceleration and rotation.

free-fall detection
System based only on acceleration

loss of verticality Detection
System based on the position of the phone

voluntary alert (SOS)

mode "shake me"
Shake the smartphone to trigger the alert SOS

by the on-off button
Repeated presses of the power on/power off button of the smartphone.

Long presses on the button of the medaillon.

immobility alert

An alert is triggered if no movement is detected. The duration of immobility is configurable by the system administrator.

alert security Positive

Time granted to the worker isolated in an area not covered by the GSM

Limit beyond which the worker must report its position (from an area covered by GSM), otherwise a warning will be generated automatically.

treatment of an alert:

An alert is transmitted from the smartphone to the central system by transmitting data (2G / 3G / 4G or WiFi) and contains informations required for emergency interventions: type warning, phone location and user identity.

Since the website administration interface, you choose to whom and by what means the alert is transmitted:


sending SMS to numbers of your choice.

By Mail

mailings to the emails of your choice.

By Voice server

our voice server calls the phone numbers of your choice in the predefined order.

By Telemonitoring operator

lifting of doubt by phone call on the device.

By Remote monitoring software

our remote monitoring software runs under Windows and dates back from our servers the alarms in real time.

By Webservice

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