What is KIOSK ?

KIOSK also known as Mobile Device Management enables centralized management and administration of mobile devices remotely through the features following:

MAM (Mobile Application Management)


Manage in few clicks the list of unauthorized applications.

Restrict incoming and outgoing telephone calls


Allows to automatically reject unwanted incoming and outgoing calls by completing the white lists according to your needs.

Customize the phone screen

Create and customize the display of the phone from the web administration interface. You have full control of your fleet by setting mobile devices operating limits.


- Each ’element’ (tile) can launch the desired application and can be customized with an icon or a picture of your choice
- Set the number of tiles on the screens, their colors, etc...
- Block access to the bar of notifications
- Unlocking the custom screen is protected by a password.
- Any change in the custom screen from the web interface is automatically synchronized with either your fleet of smartphones or individually.


The end user only accesses to the applications and features you have added to your custom form. You limit as well:
- The risks linked to the installation by the user of malicious or inappropriate applications
- The additional costs in case of exceeding the subscribed package (data 3 g / 4 g, telephone calls, etc...)

’Push’ of applications

Create and manage your own catalog of applications that can integrate:
- Available applications on Google Play
- Third-party applications (download by the apk)

Easily deploy and remotely your applications on your fleet of smartphones and finely control the versions of installed applications.

- Update remotely
- No need account Google Play

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