The company

Neosafe, company created in 2012, is specialized in the development of smartphone applications with human security as its main focus. In 2022, Neosafe joined Nomadia Group, the leading French publisher of smart mobility SaaS solutions for field professionals: field salespeople, technicians, and drivers-delivery personnel. Sustained by strong R&D investment, the solutions developed by Nomadia span the entire gamut of mobile professionals’ everyday needs: mobile business applications, route optimization, service call management, smart appointment booking, CRM SFA, territorial segmentation, lone worker protection…

Network infrastructure

Our computer network has been set up in "high availability" on remote hosting centers in order to ensure continuity of service and guarantee the durability of our customers’ data.


The data of our customers is important, that is why we have chosen security by default, all databases are encrypted and hosted in France (for French companies).


Thanks to this experience, our company develops new complementary applications such as :

  • Remote phone fleet management (MDM / MAM / KIOSK)
  • Field data entry (Forms)
  • Real-time professional messaging (Messenger)
  • Real-time alarm feedback (PC-Monitoring)
  • VoIP (Voice servers)
  • Indoor geolocation on Wifi or Bluetooth Tag (Indoor/Outdoor)


Neosafe devotes a large part of its energy to research and development in order to continue improving its products by integrating new innovative functionalities:

  • Algorithms using the accelerometer, magnetometer,... (inertial sensors)
  • Algorithms for Indoor/Outdoor management
  • Behavioral algorithms (Fall detection, Tap tap, Shake me, ...)

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