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    the most complete lone worker system on the market, geographical location, nfc tags management, mobile device management, full remote administration, alarms (...)

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    forbidden applications, inbound and outbound call screening, customize the phone screen, secure and configurable browser, full remote administration,

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    collect data quickly and easily, easily create forms for smartphones and tablets, avoid input errors, centralize your data, administration full remote,

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    real-time messaging application designed for enterprises, direct messages, group discussions, secure document sharing, administrator access to all conversations from the web (...)

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Why work with us ?

3 good reasons for choosing us

  • Research and development

    Neosafe devotes part of its research and development (R & D) to the creation of new and innovative solutions to improve the safety of lone workers

  • Technical expertise

    NeoSafe it is associated with the best technicians for you accompgner closer to your needs

  • Our values

    Solutions sold by NeoSafe are intended to protect or save human lives, break the isolation of workers, prevent accident; the man is still at the centre of our concerns.


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